Anodized UFS Gen.3 Billet Lowers, UFS Jig Kits, .308 80% LOWERS, LPKs

We at have the absolute finest design on the market at this point with regards to the 80% lower receiver. All of out 80% billet lowers are 100% cnc machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and are guaranteed to satisfy. We also offer bulk pricing on our 80% lowers, just shoot us a message and we will give you bulk pricing.
Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for what any customer may fabricate out of our cnc machined parts. At this point these parts are completely useless, unless fabricated further by the purchasing customers. We do not encourage or condone our customers to make firearms, firearms parts, or any other weapons out of our machined parts. The purchasing customer is taking 100% responsibility and acknowledging the fact that this is just a cnc machined metal part or in other words a paper weight.Other uses for this machined part:Paper weight, Boat Anchor, Center piece, Art, etc...  A restocking fee of 15 percent will be charged for items returned that are not defective or prohibited by law.


GEN. 2 UFS 80% LOWER & UFS Lower jig kits now Available!!